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On November 3, 2015, Matt Bevin was elected the 62nd Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. He was sworn into office on December 8th. During his Inaugural Address he called for all Kentuckians to stand united and work together to make the Commonwealth the best version of itself.


Growing up in a small, rural town, Matt was the second of six children and was raised to appreciate the importance of strong values and hard work.

His family of eight lived in an old farmhouse with three bedrooms and one bathroom. The home was heated only by day with two small wood stoves, and they raised a variety of animals for meat, milk and eggs. They grew most of what they ate each year on their own land.

“It’s character-building,” was a phrase Matt’s father, a factory worker, often used to describe the difficult work and chores that frequently come with farm life.


After high school, Matt attended Washington and Lee University in Virginia with a four-year ROTC scholarship. He also worked 20-25 hours each week in the dining hall and working security at campus events to earn extra money.

Upon graduation in 1989, Matt was commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Army, ultimately rising to the rank of Captain. He spent four years on active duty with primary responsibilities as the 5th Mechanized Infantry Division Artillery’s counterfire officer.


After his military service, Matt worked for many years in the financial industry. In early 1999, a job opportunity with National Asset Management brought Matt and his wife, Glenna, to Kentucky, where they decided to put down roots and raise their family. Their oldest daughter was two months old at the time.

Over the next 15 years, Matt founded several local firms and invested in a number of other companies in Kentucky and around the United States. These companies range from manufacturing to investment management to medical devices. They employ dozens of people and annually provide millions of dollars in payroll and benefits to hard working Americans.

In 2008, Matt began helping out at Bevin Bros. – a bell manufacturing company that had been operated by the Bevin family since it opened its doors in 1832. Besieged by high taxes and foreign competition, Bevin Bros. was on the verge of bankruptcy and Matt’s uncle was planning to shut it down.

In 2011, Matt became the President of Bevin Bros. In only a year, he paid off all the company’s debts and back taxes, modernized the business model, and saved more than 20 jobs. After the company was struck by lightning in 2012 and burned to the ground, Matt started over yet again. Today, Bevin Bros. continues to make thousands of bells including those used by the Salvation Army and Macy’s Santas every year.


Matt met his wife Glenna in 1990 while on active duty at Ft. Polk in Louisiana. She was a registered nurse (RN) working at a civilian hospital near where Matt was stationed. They were married in 1996.

In the years since then, they have been blessed with a “full quiver” and are now the busy parents of nine children ages 5-16.


Matt believes strongly in the importance of giving back. He is mindful of his mother’s admonition to all her children to “ensure that at the end of every day, that you give back more than you take.” His philanthropic giving and personal service stretches from his hometown of Louisville to the far corners of the globe.

This has involved serving on numerous non-profit boards, including as chairman of the board of the American Red Cross, Louisville Area Chapter. He has permanently endowed various scholarship funds, grants and centers that offer educational opportunities for young people in the U.S. with limited financial resources.

He has also been heavily involved in building infrastructure projects for the benefit of orphans in India and Africa. This includes building water towers, expanding electrical grids, erecting security walls, developing agriculture and dairy programs, and updating classroom facilities. It also includes larger projects such as building a computer academy in Kedgaon, India to teach job skills to women and girls, developing commercial, income producing properties for orphanages and creating scholarship programs for impoverished young people to obtain professional degrees in medicine, computer science and agricultural science.

In 2012, Matt and his wife Glenna established the Bevin Center for Missions Mobilization in memory of their oldest daughter Brittiney.


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