Meet Ralph


Ralph Alvarado made history when he became the first Hispanic member ever elected to the Kentucky General Assembly on November 4, 2014. As the son of legal immigrants, he witnessed firsthand his parents’ sacrifice to provide their family a better life.  That heritage, along with the outstanding work ethic, patriotism and determination he saw modeled by his parents have helped shape the man, husband, father, physician and public servant that Ralph Alvarado has become.


Ralph Alvarado was never one for wasting time. When he was a student, he threw all of his intellect and all of his heart into that endeavor. That drive and dedication meant that he graduated from college, medical school and his University of Kentucky medical residency ahead of schedule. By the time he was 25, Ralph had become Dr. Ralph Alvarado, fully licensed physician.


Dr. Alvarado has experience running a successful medical practice and has served as Regional Medical Director at St. Joseph Health, these roles not only prepared him well to serve others but also to effectively manage a small business. However, he has also faced the challenges inherent in the hyper-regulatory environment of the Obama era. In 2013, he decided to make the sacrifices necessary to do something to help move Kentucky forward and to provide relief from the burden of superfluous regulations. He ran for Kentucky State Senate.

In 2014, Dr. Ralph Alvarado became Senator Ralph Alvarado. It was natural for him to approach his public service with the same zeal, energy, hard work and determination that he did during his academic and medical career. Known as one of the hardest working members of the Kentucky Senate, Ralph serves as the Chairman of the Senate Health & Welfare Committee, member of the Medicaid Oversight Advisory Committee, member of the Budget Review Subcommittee on Human resources, as well as a member of the Senate Transportation Committee and Senate State & Local Government Committee.

He has become one of the most prolific legislators in the past 5 years by passing numerous pieces of legislation, and he has earned a reputation for working with both sides of the aisle.  The expanse of his legislative accomplishments encompasses varied issues such as liability reform, domestic violence, mortgage banking deregulation, government reduction, identity theft, public health, protecting the patient-physician relationship, and medical budgetary solutions.

He has been recognized with numerous political awards and participated in the 2017 Council of State Governments Toll Fellowship for leadership.  Ralph was named as a GOPAC Emerging Leader in 2015, and he has been sought after as a keynote speaker at numerous venues such as Fort Knox Army Base, Kentucky FOP Memorial Service, and the US-China Healthy Cities Summit.

His accomplishments did not escape the notice of the Trump Administration and he was honored to receive an invitation to speak at the 2016 Republican National Convention to deliver a primetime address.  He was also tapped as a member of the Trump Hispanic Advisory Council.


Ralph and his wife Dawn have been married 25 years and have two children.  They are active in their community and dedicated members of Grace Baptist Church. Their faith is integral to their lives and influences all that they do professionally, as neighbors, as friends, and as Kentuckians who have given back so generously to their community and their state.

Ralph Alvarado is an outstanding addition to Team Bevin. His understanding of the legislative process and his expertise and dedication in the medical field at a time when Expanded Medicaid costs are one of the most significant challenges facing the Commonwealth will prove invaluable to the administration.